How do I know if you are hiring?

We hire team members as vacancies become available so we encourage you, if you are interested in working for Krispy Kreme, to complete the application process. When we start looking to fill roles we look at these applicants first.

How do I find out when I am working?

Rosters are posted two weeks in advance. At Krispy Kreme, team members can download an App to view their rosters, apply for time off and advise your store manager of your availability.

Availability – what does this mean?

Krispy Kreme understands that our team members live active and busy lives and we provide our team the opportunity let us know exactly when they are available to work.

What kind of hours would I work?

It depends on the position that you apply for and the store that you will work at. Krispy Kreme has 7 stores, 2 operate 24 hours, 7 days week. Our production and processing teams work shifts over a 24 hour period.

How often do you pay team members?

We pay our team weekly.

Do you provide a uniform?

Yes a uniform is provided as part of your employment this includes pants, top and cap. We do ask for uniform deposit that is returned.

What is the minimum age to work for Krispy Kreme?

The minimum age is 14 years of age in retail.

Do you do police checks as part of employment?

Yes, the safety and well being of all our team members is paramount and all successful applicants over 18 years old are required to submit a Police Check before the final offer is made to a prospective employee.

Do you need to have any experience in manufacturing or decorating to work in the production and processing team?

All experience is a bonus, but no, you do not need to have experience, as we teach our team the Krispy Kreme processes and systems.

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