Dozen Tim Tam Bites

4 x Original Glazed®, 4 Tim Tam Bite Doughnut, 4 x Choc Truffle. UNTIL 24 AUG 2021.

Doughnut Decorating

Dough-nut miss out on a DOUGHNUT DECORATING session! Book your tickets now!   MOUNT GAMBIER EAST – Click Here  PORT WAKEFIELD ROAD – Click Here  WEST CROYDON – Click Here  

Double Dozen Delicious Assorted

Two dozen premium and deluxe doughnuts, including: 6 x Cookies & Kreme Filled, 6 x Apple Custard Crumble Filled, 4 x Nutella Dipped, 4 x Trip to Mars Choc Caramel filled and 4 x Caramel Trix Caramel filled.

Terms & Conditions

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Friends of KK

THE INNER CIRCLE – BIRTHDAY OFFERS: This offer is valid for one transaction only. To be eligible for this offer you must be a pre-existing member of ‘The Friends of Krispy Kreme for a minimum of 10 days prior to your birthday. Once expired this offer cannot be replaced, refunded, or redeemed. Incorrect details will  … Read more